This tool is meant to assist employers and individuals in the interpretation of police record check results. It is an example only. Click on the Image on the right for more details.

NOTE: not all record checks will appear the same. Different police agencies may have different formats. The purpose is to illustrate key information you
may see:

A: Policing agency who performed the record check

B: Date of the disposition and what that means

C: Location of the offence if it is indicated

D: Adult charge

E: Youth Charge

F: Disposition (Pending charge, Non-conviction, Conviction)


  1. Offences, and the circumstances around them, can vary dramatically.
  2. Judges can sentence people in a variety of ways, and many factors go into determining an appropriate sentence.
  3. Record checks reveal very little contextual information about the individual or the circumstances surrounding the offence.
  4. A record is a snapshot of a person’s life, it does not tell the whole story. Learn more by talking to them, calling references.
  5. Consider important things like: AGE of record; TYPE of record (conviction/non-conviction); RELEVANCE of the record to position.