This section of the website includes JHSO’s resources and publications related employment and police records.

John Howard Society of Ontario Publications

Volunteer Management Blueprint

Overview The main goal of this resource manual is to contribute to the development of volunteer programs through: Building organizational capacity by bringing together resources and best practices for those organizations interested in developing robust and inclusive volunteer programs. Providing new tools and ideas that can assist organizations in

Reintegration in Ontario: Practices, Priorities, and Effective Models

Overview: Reintegration in Ontario: Practices, Priorities, and Effective Models, a Report released on behalf of the Association for Effective Reintegration in Ontario (AERO), a collaborative group of researchers, front-line service providers, and academics, provides practical solutions to effect real change to the reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals back into

On the Record: Information Guides

Overview: Police records present numerous barriers for individuals who have had past police contact or justice involvement and who are attempting to find employment, housing and even treatment. Traditionally in Ontario non-conviction and police contact records have been routinely disclosed on police record checks – including information from non-criminal

Help Wanted: Reducing Barriers for Ontario’s Youth with Police Records

Overview: This report aims to examine the barriers facing youth with police records (YPRs) in Ontario, with a particular emphasis on their exclusion from the labour market. In addition to a detailed review of the literature, this report draws on the results of a targeted research survey of employers

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