Police records present numerous barriers for individuals who have had past police contact or justice involvement and who are attempting to find employment, housing and even treatment. Traditionally in Ontario non-conviction and police contact records have been routinely disclosed on police record checks – including information from non-criminal calls to 9-1-1, apprehensions under the Mental Health Act, suspect or person of interest designations, and charges that resulted in withdrawal, acquittal or other non-conviction dispositions.

The On the Record series aims to provide helpful information, tailored to two audiences:

  1. Those who help or work with people who may be impacted by police records (i.e. direct social service providers, legal/court professionals, government etc.) and,
  2. Those who use police record checks in hiring or volunteer screening – HR professionals, Volunteer Organizations/Coordinators and Employers.


Watch Online

On the Record: Police Record Check Workshop for Employers, Human Resources Professionals and Volunteer Managers:

On the Record: Police Record Check Workshop For Front-line Social Service Providers and Legal Professionals working with people impacted by police records: